Below is a general process we would follow when carrying out the pressure cleaning to your paved driveway, path or patio etc. Each job is treated individually and this is a general guide.

Step 1 - Once we have looked over the affected areas to be cleaned we will discuss with you whether there are any areas which need weed killer to be applied.  If weed killer is required prior to pressure cleaning this will be applied and left for two weeks to be most effective and to ensure that the roots of the weeds are killed prior to commencing the cleaning. For more information on our weed killing see the relevant section in either the Residential or Commercial services.

Step 2 - With weeds now dead and remaining removed, all moss, weeds and other debris are swept away. Lift any drain channel grills, remove debris and check drains.

Step 3 - Cleaning is done using our high powered professional power washers. A rotary cleaning head is used, this tool protects the surface of the paving and keeps the loss of jointing sand down to a minimum. We will then go over the entire area with a pressure lance to ensure no area is missed. Drain channel and drains are checked and cleaned if needed before refitting any removed drain channel grills.

Step 4 - Once the surface is dry, fresh clean kiln dried jointing sand is swept over the surface (if required and will be discussed after the initial site survey) to replace any lost during cleaning. The sand must be replaced to maintain the structural integrity of the driveway or patio.

See Galley for before and after pictures of some completed jobs.

We feel that sealing a driveway or patio is not always necessary but for customers interested in having their driveway or patio sealed we will be happy to discuss this service with you on a one to one basis.