Are there any extra, or hidden costs?
No, we would only make an additional charge for heavy staining, for example, oil that may need a special stain removing application, this would be agreed in advance.

Will all the work be completed in a day?
We aim to have all the cleaning work completed within a day, cleaning can be carried out even if raining . For block paving the re-sanding will need to be completed after at least one full dry day, at the earliest opportunity after cleaning.

Do you need access to a power supply?                                                              We do not need access to a power supply as our equipment is petrol driven.

Why should we hire you instead of doing it ourselves?                                   If you have tried cleaning your own driveway/patio you will understand how messy and time consuming it can become and it can become increasingly tiring.  The pressure and volume of water we use is far greater than a domestic pressure washer, the results from a professional pressure washer, when used correctly, are far greater leaving the area streak free.                                 

Do you need access to my water supply?                                                         Ideally we would require access to an external water supply, however, if one is not available or the water pressure is too low, we have water tanks of different capacities available which we can use. The Edge Grimbuster Trailer/Rig has a self contained tank with a 1000 Litre capacity (this will be discussed during out initial site survey).

Will the chemicals damage my plants, pets or have an adverse affect on my driveway?
No, we do not use any chemicals whilst general cleaning. Our equipment is powerful enough that the cold water jets take care of 99% of any stains. For persistent oil stains we may need to apply a non toxic de-greasing agent but this is done manually to the localised area only.

Is the process noisy?
We use the latest ‘state of the art’ pressure washers which can create some noise, but generally no more than a petrol lawnmower. The Edge Grimebuster rig we use has a running noise level of only 73Db making it one of the quietest trailer mounted machines on the market.

Are you insured?                                                                                                  We have full public liability insurance and a copy of this certificate can be provided if required.

Are your staff trained?                                                                                       Yes our staff are fully trained to use our technical machinery and equipment.  We are NPTC Trained and Certified to cover the weed killer applications and IPAF Trained and Certified to cover the High Level Access equipment.

When do I pay?
We would ask for payment only once the work has been fully completed, including the cleaning down of the work area, and once you have fully inspected the work we have carried out to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the results.

If you have any further questions or need any clarification then please just contact us.