We do not use chemicals or detergents at Driveway Cleaning Edinburgh unless there is absolutely no alternative, stubborn oil stains for example. Most cleaning agents contain acids or alkalis that can react with some natural stones or cause damage to surrounding vegetation. Our cleaning relies on the cleaning power of water alone, albeit it under very high pressure.

Our flat surface cleaners (see below) use a rotary cleaning head which contains the pressure jets and minimises spray meaning we don't waste water and this also minimises mess to surrounding areas. Our flat surface cleaners, combined with our turbo nozzles, make light work of any surface to be cleaned and their unique design means no damage to your surfaces structural stability which can occur if not professionally cleaned.  The flat surface cleaners (see item in photo below) leave the surface with a even clean finish unlike the stripy finish that can be seen some times when the area has been cleaned using only a lance.

Algae can be a danger in wet weather making surfaces like ice but the most common reason for our cleaning services is one of simple aesthetics. Why spend thousands on a new patio or drive when a good clean can be all that is needed to make the old seem like new.

Our Edge Grimebuster Pressure Washing Trailer/Rig (see below) and our Honda Cobra Pressure washers (see below) are manufactured to very high standards and are true industrial machines, they are powered by very efficient diesel and petrol engines. The machines deliver a constant pressure of up to 200bar (approx 3000psi) giving us the capacity to clean to a superior quality with the greatest care.

We ideally require access to an external water supply, however, if one is not available or the water pressure is too low, we have water tanks of different capacities available which we can use. The Edge Grimbuster Trailer/Rig has a self contained tank with a 1000 Litre capacity, this allows us to carry out our cleaning services in a number of inaccessible areas.  Additionaly, with silencing contained within the rig it can easily be used late at night or early in the morining while providing  minimum disturbance to neighbouring houses or buildings.

Edinburgh Driveway Cleaning has been providing exceptional pressure washing services since May 2011.  During this time we have built strong customer relations with many repeat and contract customers.  These relationships with both residential and commercial customers are testimony that we provide amazing results every time.

Pressure cleaning is not nearly as straight forward as people would assume, allowing just anyone with any old pressure washer to carry out your cleaning requirements can easily end in disaster. Drainage, substrate damage, erosion, contamination of adjacent properties, incorrect or unnecessary use of chemicals, all this and much more need to be taken into consideration when a quotation is prepared.

We have full public liability insurance and a copy of this certificate can be provided if required.

With the reasons above we can only provide quotations to customers once a full site survey has been completed. We will supply you with a free detailed, no obligation, written quotation.

Please click on this link to see a general guide to the Cleaning Process.  Once we have seen your site we can give more specific information and answer any queries you may have.


See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbmLbXxz6A8 for a short video clip of me in action using the above machine and flat surface cleaner

Our previous customer comments include:-

“You are an absolute perfectionist”

“Worth every penny”

“Would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone”

“Only wish we had the driveway and patio cleaned earlier”

 “Can not stop looking at it now that it is clean, it is amazing the difference”

 See Gallery for previous jobs before and after pictures

Weed Killing - as licensing is required if applying weed killer for commercial/business our operators are PA1 and PA6 NPTC trained and approved/certified to apply if required.

High Level Access - our operators have completed the required IPAF training to carry out work using a Mobile boom or Scissor lift type machine and are happy to discuss this if required.